Building Shopify store loyalty should be a priority for any merchant because repeat custom is cheap and effective marketing! Consumer attitude towards loyalty differs greatly when compared to previous generations. Statistics show that 65% of Gen Z and 71% of Millennials find loyalty programs to be a driving factor for brand loyalty. Hence, having a good Shopify store loyalty program ready will turn visitors into repeat and loyal customers.

But, how do you achieve this?

1. Shopify store loyalty is about values, not products and services

Of course, you want to drive sales, but there’s a right and a wrong way to do so. Today, customer loyalty is based on shared values. Your Shopify marketing should focus on the same values that your target customer base has.

For example, if your customers feel strongly about the reduction of plastics, make a conscious effort to showcase the actionable steps your business or products are taking towards that goal or how shopping at your store can help the environment.

2. Take a customer-centric approach

Building towards your Shopify store loyalty means turning the spotlight onto the customer. They will be the centre of your Shopify marketing, and every aspect of your strategy should focus on them, their needs, and their preferences.

This means you will:

  • Choose a medium they prefer (email, social media, or other)
  • Offer rewards that they really want
  • Find a good balance; rewards should not be too easy or hard to obtain
  • Synergise the experience across all platforms

3. Work on community and take control of your narrative

Today, consumers tend to trust their community more than they do brands, which means brands need to be active parts of their consumer communities.

A new threat to your Shopify store loyalty comes in the form of brand disinformation that often starts in close-knit social media communities. Today, 74% of consumers will prefer to do business with a brand that has a positive reputation.

Misinformation can shatter this. By being active on social media or responding directly in Shopify messages allow you to take control of your narrative making your brand is less likely to fall victim to distrust and loyalty issues based on misinformation.

4. Understand how to tailor your rewards program

One size fits all rewards don’t work anymore so your Shopify store loyalty rewards should be personalised and speak to each customer.

Devise several ways customers can earn rewards. For example, they can generate points not only with each purchase but also by actively engaging with you and driving traffic towards your Shopify store through referral programs.

Today, users and customers generate lots of data, use this to create better customer profiles and tailor your rewards programs to match!

5. Use loyalty and rewards apps

Shopify Store LoyaltyShopify has an app store that can help create streamlined shopping experiences. The new POS Cart app extension will now allow Shopify store loyalty and rewards apps to be shown directly in the Shopify POS Cart.

This way, customers will see they have a discount or reward waiting right there during checkout, and they will be able to apply the discount directly.

When creating your Shopify marketing strategy, you have to look at the big picture: Customers will become loyal to your store if they feel valued, and you can do this through well-tailored loyalty programs and messages they can connect with.

Need Help with your Shopify Loyalty Program?

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