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Shopify store design is getting lots of exciting new changes. These improvements were revealed at the latest Shopify Unite, and include a complete revamp of the store UI, content portability, and drafts (among others) coming in 2020/2021.

Shopify store design changes for a fully new experience

The Shopify online storefront is where merchants will be spending most of their time and as well as work on user experience strategy. As such, the storefront represents the very core of the customer experience.

That’s why it’s important that merchants have the ability to build a customer experience that will attract and retain customers without having to invest too much time into it.

The upcoming Shopify store design options and new tools aim to achieve this goal: To give merchants the ability to change the webdesign of their storefronts without the need to code. This also makes Shopify more accessible by all types of businesses and startups who use the platform.

Exciting new web design features coming to Shopify

Shopify has finally announced some long-requested features coming to the store. Many of them are related to Shopify themes, web design, and editing options, as well as a fully new user interface for the Shopify store. With the promise that the usage of these new features is easy and intuitive.

New features coming to Shopify Store design include:

  • Drafts were one of the most requested features that were missing up until now and the wait is finally over! Now merchants will be able to save Shopify store design changes without having to publish them immediately. When you’re sure you’ve tweaked and changed everything you can switch from Draft to Published.
  • Starting points are coming to Themes. These are pre-configured sections of content to help speed up the Shopify store design. Now, launching a store will be even faster.
  • Sections will now be on every page, and merchants will be able to easily add or remove content from every single page of their store. Until recently this was available only for the homepage. By having sections on any page gives merchants have more customisation options.
  • Master pages are coming too. These will enable merchants to change all pages marked as a specific page type in one swoop. They can do that by changing the content of the master page.
  • Content will now be portable and no longer be bound to a specific theme. This means that merchants will be able to change themes without having to worry about losing content they already uploaded. Now it will appear on the new theme automatically which is perfect for those looking to upgrade or expand.

New web design options for Shopify Partners

Shopify Partners are getting access to new app sections with these web design updates. Now merchants will be able to add apps to their stores the same way as any other section: with a few simple clicks. For this to work, Shopify is releasing a storefront app extension! When it’s time to release all of these new changes to merchants, Shopify will also release the fully new Shopify store UI.


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Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey

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