Each time you visit a website it collects information about you in the form of cookies that are generated automatically, or through data provided in an email you send or an online form you complete. We know that people have legitimate concerns over sharing personal data so we want to explain how we use it. We will NEVER share any of your details with third parties without your express permission. The data collected by our website may be used:

To ensure that when you return to the website the display is more relevant to you – the information a first time visitor and a regular visitor needs to see can vary.
To contact you about our services if, and only if, you have expressed an interest in receiving more details.

For visitor behaviour analysis so we can take further steps to improve our website visitor experience.

Data Protection

We are fully compliant with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. We always do our best to ensure that your personal data is secure and up to date. You can contact us at any time to request a copy of all data we hold on you gathered through your use of this website. You have a right to view/update your details at any time, and we may charge any reasonable administration charges for access to this information.


A cookie is a small text file that is often downloaded onto your computer (or mobile device) when you visit a website. They are completely harmless but are useful to both the site visitor and the website owner. Analysis of cookies generated helps us decide if any changes are needed to give a better viewing experience, for example, to distinguish between the interests of new visitors and our regulars.

Website Security

Our website is hosted on a secure virtual cloud server with the most advanced technology for ensuring that you have a positive visitor experience. At the same time this arrangement also offers us a superior level of website security. We believe that we have the highest level of data protection in place, but that doesn’t mean we are blasé about all the threats lurking out there in internet land. When even government websites can fall victim to attack no business site can guarantee 100% invulnerability. Since we often have to depend on third party software and servers we cannot accept any responsibility for breaches of security resulting from this situation.

Contact Details

You may contact us at any time and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible (unless it’s SPAM). Our business ethos places customer care on a pinnacle. We value highly our existing clients and look forward to helping new clients with their website development needs. We will certainly respond to your query within 48 hours.