What are Cookies

Cookies are small data files saved on the device you use while you browse this website. They are not programs but just harmless text files that can be read in the computer’s Notebook application. Cookies are stored on your computer (or mobile device) and enable the website to ‘remember’ that you have visited it previously. They are essential to the smooth operation of our website in particular and to the internet in general.

What are Cookies Used For

We use cookies on this website to ensure that our site is working well, and we may also use them to ensure that any advertising campaigns are effective. Another way we could use cookies is to tailor the website to the visitor’s needs, for example, to vary the information first time and frequent visitors see. The idea is to try and make sure that each visitor is given the most relevant content.

How do I disable Cookies

We recommend that you leave cookies enabled to ensure you gain the most from the visit to our website and the internet in general. If you really want to turn cookies off you can do so by altering your browser settings (please see your browser documentation instructions for details of how to turn off cookies). Again, this is a matter of personal choice but you should bear in mind that by disabling cookies you reduce the quality of your experience visiting our website (and the internet as a whole).