What We Do

In one sentence: we are a team of Shopify experts that can design & develop anything as well as smash your competitors in Google.

The long read: We offer a range of services targeted at ecommerce businesses.  Specifically we work with those using or looking to use the Shopify platform.  Our core business is in everything Shopify and we are world renowned Shopify designers, developers and marketing experts.

Officially recognised Shopify experts since the early days, we work with merchants all around the world.  From small one-woman stores right on up to retail giants.  We support hundreds of merchants and our code powers thousands of stores with combines sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

We work best with agile brands who value performance, quality and a get it done attitude.  We are not a floaty, fonty agency who like to talk all day about UI and what we think will work and what looks nice.  Those things don’t make you money.  Instead we use a lot of data, a lot of testing and a serious amount of experience to supercharge Shopify stores.  Sometimes to the point where people sometimes ask us to slow down!

What We Value

  • Fantastic people who get the job done.
  • Speedy communication.
  • Great design and usability.
  • Clean & robust code.
  • Data driven performance.

Our Team

Our small team is made up entirely of professional designers, developers and marketers. No sales people. No inexperienced support staff or interns. Just passionate and personable people with the awesome skills to help your business scale at a pace you probably will not be comfortable with.

We’re not a huge team & we do not wish to be. At the time of writing there are five of us.  We actually scaled back our own business in 2019 to become more focussed and agile.  5 is the magic number.

We all work remotely and not from a central office.

Our Approach

We work in a very agile and systematic way which many people find refreshing. We use awesome software for design, development, collaboration, monitoring and real time communication.  And our goal is to help you scale your online business.

We tend to be very data-oriented and take the front foot in advising clients in what they should be spending time and effort on and where they are making mistakes.

Sometimes we may hurt your feelings with what our insights reveal.  But in the process we will help you scale your online business.  This is what we do.

And the Name?

Liquid is the programing language of Shopify.  Every Shopify store is powered by Liquid.  Liquify means to turn something to liquid and since we spend a lot of our days and nights doing exactly that the name just kinda made sense somehow.