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Our Shopify developers specialize in Shopify and Shopify alone. We are a dedicated Shopify agency and have been officially recognized Shopify Partners & Experts since 2014.  One of the world’s most recognised brands in everything Shopify, our Shopify developers are some of the best in the world and often recommended by Shopify themselves.

From small tweaks to custom Shopify themes, integrations and custom app development – our shopify developers have got you covered.  If you’re a Shopify Plus customer then we also have a dedicated Shopify Plus development team.  No matter what you need developing – our Shopify Experts can make it happen.  We can code anything into any Shopify store. Even where others fail.

Clear Pricing &
Fast Work

Our Shopify developers get the job done. On time.  On budget.  With clear communication.  They code all day, every day on Shopify stores and know exactly what they are doing. No matter what functionality you require we can make it happen.  Can we build a Shopify app which does X, Y & Z? Yes. Can we build something ten other people couldn’t code into your theme.  Yes.

At Liquify we always offer clear and transparent pricing for our Shopify Experts services.  Our Shopify developers are available for ad-hoc work and retainer contracts.  We are not a cheap outsourcing agency.  We are mid to high tier with a strong focus on long term client relationships.

Talk to us today about your Shopify store needs & our Shopify developers will be in touch.  Always within 1 working day.

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Why our Shopify Developers?

We’re Official Shopify Experts for Design

Our dedicated Shopify design, development & marketing team have been working with Shopify since the early days. We’re officially recognised Shopify experts and have some of the highest rated Shopify designers, Shopify developers, Shopify Plus Experts and Shopify SEO experts in the world on our team. Our dedicated Shopify designers know how to get the job done to the highest of standards.

Clear Pricing

We don’t believe in vague pricing or hidden costs for Shopify development services. Ask us for a quote and we will give you a fixed price for completion along with a deadline or a range price where the scope isn’t clear.  We publish a pricing guide so you can get a feeling for the pricing of our Shopify experts.  We are not cheap.  We are competitive though and our expertise pays for itself many times over.  At the end of the day our designs always convert better.  Some redesigns we’ve done have paid for themselves in a few months due to the uplift in sales.

Rock Solid Code

Our Shopify designers and Shopify developers work magic with code. We develop creative solutions with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Liquid.  And we test to the max on every major device and browser.  We understand what poor development can do to a Shopify store.  Every line of code we release has been double checked by a second Shopify developer and approved by highly experienced Shopify designers who have worked in ecommerce for years.

A Growth Agency

At Liquify Shopify we’ve helped some Shopify clients achieve 7 figure sales in the first 12 months of trading.  We are growth orientated Shopify experts with the skills to help you nail your market.  Our Shopify developers are business orientated and have the goal to help you increase sales and conversions.

Fully Optimized

Our Shopify Developers create code which is optimized for search engines, speed and conversions. We go the extra mile to help you smash the competition.  If your Shopify store isn’t performing you should talk to our Shopify Developers.

Fully Responsive & Fully Tested

Our Shopify websites are flawless designed across all modern devices including mobile and tablet – giving you better engagement, wider reach and higher conversion rates. Check out our portfolio.

Happy Shopify Customers

Very Fast - Friendly - Anything is Possible - Challenges us when they believe other solutions could be better.

Tau Cotton

Fantastic Service. Liquify Design solved a difficult issue with our store that other developers were struggling with. Once the job was agreed it was completed within 24 hours and no issues. Highly recommended.

Roofing Outlet

We needed a website that was simple and easy to use, yet engaging and easy to use. It was important that the website would cater specifically for the creative industry. From the design, to the layout and features, Liquify Web Design certainly hasn’t disappointed. Working with them has been a pleasure.

Your Secret Gift

Drafts were executed fast and reliable, plus proactive recommendations how to set up things smoothly throughout the whole process – even within our tight schedule. Communication was a pleasure, responses were always quick and helpful. We can highly recommend Liquify Web Design!

Green Gurus / Keatz

High quality work and very fast completion time.
They bring very good solutions and make suggestions to improve my store.
They always work very transparent and solution orientated.
Always responsive in case of problems and very friendly always.


Joe has been a pleasure to work with. Smart, patient, and talented! A rare combination. We are looking to build a new site in 6 months and there is no one else we will even consider.


Joe was very efficient and transparent with his work. He was a great listener and does well when given creative freedom as well. Would certainly recommend him.

Mode Maison

First and foremost, the work was stellar and exceeded my expectations in every way. Cost-wise, it's worth noting that my final tally for the website - especially given the quality - was incredibly reasonable.

2Square Skincare

Fast, thorough and responsive service, would definitely recommend! Very knowledgeable on many aspects of the web design and shopify in particular, helpful to stay on top of trends and improvements to the shop.

Elephant Gin

These guys are on top of their game. Both communication and implantation are great against an affordable price.

Authentico Paint

Very Fast - Friendly - Anything is Possible - Challenges us when they believe other solutions could be better.

Tau Cotton

Featured Shopify Design & Development

What can Our Shopify Developers do?

Our Shopify developers can develop just about anything on Shopify. We pride ourselves on being able to build any functionality into any Shopify store. Typically our Shopify developers are creating custom Shopify templates and themes, converting PSD to Shopify templates, making theme changes and tweaks as well as building custom Shopify apps via the api.

What skills do our Shopify Developers have?

Our Shopify developers have strong skills in the following:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript & Node
    • Liquid
    • Ruby for offsite apps and scripts
    • PHP for offsite apps
    • Along with all the usual tools like Git and Theme Kit.

How much do our Shopify Developers cost?

We have two pricing tiers for Shopify developers. Ad hoc work and retainer rates. Ad hoc rates are much more expensive than retainer rates. You can see our pricing guide here.

I’ve got a question for a Shopify Developer

If you’ve got a question for our Shopify developers then use the quote form to start the conversation. Note that we cannot help for free and all solutions we develop are billable by the hour unless we have a retainer agreement in place.

I’d like a job as a Shopify developer

If you think you’ve got the development skills to deliver what our clients need then drop us a line. We’re always on the lookout for experienced Shopify dev heads. Please note that we do not accept CV’s. A portfolio of Shopify development work along with a git repo would be an ideal intro.

What programming languages does Shopify use?

Shopify uses ruby at its core and theme side it uses HTML/CSS/JS/LIQUID. Apps can use whatever language they want.

Can our Shopify Developers build custom Shopify Apps?

Absolutely – we offer bespoke Shopify App development. Please contact us with full details for a quote on a custom app.

Can our Shopify Developers build custom Shopify Themes?

Absolutely – our Shopify developers & Shopify Plus developers are constantly building custom themes on Shopify. Indeed – we have coded the core of some highly popular commercial themes used by thousands of merchants.  Our theme dev team are in the top 5 in the world.

Can our Shopify Developers really build any functionality into any Shopify store?

Yes – our Shopify developers can do anything. It isn’t just a sales pitch.  We cab. m Please contact us for a quote.

How can I know which Shopify Developers to hire?

You should only hire certified Shopify Experts with a reputable history of developing on the platform. A shopify expert will be listed on the Shopify Experts pages here and they should have a decent set of reviews.

Are all Shopify developers official Shopify Experts?

No. Definitely not.  Not everyone can become an official Shopify Expert. The developers first need to demonstrate a certain level of competence with Shopify core to be allowed to be labelled as an expert and get listed on the Experts pages here. Code will need to be checked and quality monitored. Shopify Experts who do not do a good job or who don’t follow the code of conduct will be dropped from the Shopify experts program.

What makes our Shopify developers different?

Quality is what most people say that separates us from the competition. We offer quality, robust solutions that work. This comes from the amount of experience we have with the platform and a passion for eCommerce. We are also very agile and fast since we’re a small team specialising in just Shopify we can move quickly. Lots of larger businesses we work with find our agility and speed refreshing.

We are not a cheap outsourcing agency (there are many of these).  Our core business is around long term client relationships and helping people to scale on Shopify.

Get a quote today

Our fast & friendly Shopify experts will be happy to give an estimate for whatever you need. No obligation & no sales people involved.

Shopify Expert Services by Liquify

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If you're ready to design, develop or scale on Shopify we have the solution.

Shopify Theme Tweaks & Changes

Need changes to your Shopify site? We can code literally anything into any Shopify theme.

Complete Redesign or Store Facelift

We can give your store the overhaul it needs.

Shopify SEO & Content Marketing

Crush the competition in Google with our SEO packages.

Shopify Plus Support & Services

A dedicated & experienced enterprise Shopify team.

Monthly Shopify Support Retainers

For those who need monthly support from us.

Custom Shopify Development

Whatever your development needs we have the skills.

Migration to Shopify – Support & Planning

We've migrated over 50 sites including a listed company to Shopify.

Shopify Audits & Consultancy

For those who need advice & strategy.

Custom Shopify App Development

We develop custom apps for both private and commercial use.

Paid Advertising & Data Feeds

Your growth is only limited by your marketing.

Custom Shopify Theme Development

Custom designed Shopify themes are what we do best.

Logo & Branding

Logo & branding for Shopify stores.

Accelerate your ecommerce journey with one of the highest ranking Shopify Experts in the world.

Design. Development. Performance Marketing

Trusted by brands large and small

We support literally hundreds of Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants with design, development & marketing.  From startups & solopreneurs to retail giants, our clients dominate markets in every corner of the world.