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Connecting Shopify and Facebook messenger is key for giving a better customer experience and keeping communication lines open. More consumers are preferring to contact brands and businesses via apps or online chat rather than waiting to call or email.

It’s fast and can, in fact, lead to a sale quicker!

With Shopify, you can now improve your Shopify marketing by syncing customer data acquired through Shopify and connecting it to Messenger to better serve your customers.

Why Connect Shopify and Facebook Messenger?

Facebook is full of powerful marketing tools that are also available for their messaging platform and with over 1.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is the second most used messaging app following WhatsApp.

You can also set up your Facebook Messenger in such a way that customers can opt-in to receive messages which is a real win for merchants because of the extremely high open rates.

Messenger allows you to reach customers with push notifications, so the open rates can be as high as 88% and over 55% CTR, which is very successful compared to email marketing where open rates rarely go over 20%, while CTR averages only 2.43%.

How to Use Shopify and Facebook Messenger Successfully

shopify facebook channel

As with every other marketing channel, you will need a solid strategy to truly be successful with Shopify and Facebook messenger.

First you’ll need a list of prospects. This is much easier than growing an email list because it’s a lot more time consuming to fake Facebook details than sign up spam email accounts.

You can also get opt-ins by:

  • Adding checkboxes to each product page under the Add to Cart button
  • Adding checkboxes below the email optin form
  • Having a discount pop-up for those who opt-in
  • Having chat bubbles on your page
  • Having embedded buttons

Once prospects opt in, they are subscribed and you’ll receive lots of information on them immediately: name, gender, preferred language, time zone, profile pic, website visit, even cart data.

All of these help you with the next step – to engage them:

  • Start by creating a personal welcome message where customers can manage their preferences – Help them decide what they want to receive.
  • If they’ve abandoned their cart, it’s easy to re-engage them by letting them know via Messenger that their cart is saved.

You can combine Shopify and Facebook Messenger after the sale is already completed too! When the order is confirmed, you can have an opt-in form to get order updates, or ask them to opt-in for receiving shipping updates directly to Messenger.

The options are endless, so use Messenger as an integral part of your Shopify marketing efforts and nurture your customers on one of their favourite platforms.

Finally, you can automate your Shopify marketing with Messenger through powerful AI integrations. A chatbot will automatically answer the most commonly asked questions. Under Customers, you’ll find Smart Responses where you write a trigger (When Someone Says), and what the chatbot will respond to them if that’s the case.

Shopify and Facebook integrations can be a powerful marketing channel for your store and nurture loyalty from your customers too.

Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey is a Shopify Expert. With over 8 years of experience in eCommerce & Shopify he leads one of the most experienced Shopify Expert teams in the world. Founder of Liquify, he tends to work with large brands and Shopify Plus merchants who want to scale aggressively. He is a well known Shopify SEO expert & one of the most experienced Shopify developers in the world.