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At Liquify we are considered to be some of the leading Shopify experts in the world and are official Shopify experts and partners. We help clients of all sizes launch their Shopify stores. From small startups to retail giants like Tesco’s – we are well known specialists in Shopify development – including Shopify Plus Design & Development.


Shopify is an ecommerce platform for building highly secure and simple to manage online stores. The Shopify platform includes a wide range of features and apps so that each ecommerce store created using it can be highly customized. Shopify offers our clients one of the quickest and easiest ways to launch an ecommerce website without the expense of a custom platform.

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Shopify Plus is the enterprise class plan for Shopify. It has additional features and API’s which extend the core functionality. If you would like to know more about the features of Shopify Plus then you can read our articles: Shopify Plus Review or Top 24 benefits of Shopify Plus.
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Shopify provides by far the most cost-effective platform to get a high quality ecommerce store up and running. Since this is a hosted platform with an integrated PCI compliant checkout it releases our shopify developers from the need to burn the midnight oil coding the same functionality again and again! Saving you both time and money.

The large number of existing website design themes waiting to be customised as well as the unlimited possibilities for custom developed themes and apps make it one of the most versatile and flexible eCommerce development platforms. Excellent security, a blazing fast CDN (host) and first rate technical support are additional reasons why web development on Shopify is a sound choice to make for your ecommerce business.


The ecommerce development services we provide encompasses both the design, development and maintenance of Shopify eCommerce stores. From the most basic eCommerce stores with a single product right up to the largest and most complex – our web development team are here to help you launch and grow.

We always provide written documentation to help teach you how to most effectively manage your store using Shopify as well as provide strategy to help you get more customers, sell more products and increase customer engagement. Some of our clients have achieved 7 figure sales within 12 months on the Shopify platform.

Our shopify experts draw on their wide ecommerce website development experience to configure your online sales outlet in line with your business interests. Our in-house Shopify experts are able to develop custom themes from scratch or work with existing Shopify themes which can be customised to your needs. Our development team will ensure you receive a fully functioning Shopify store that you know how to run and update.

In addition to developing new Shopify stores we also provide Shopify development services for existing online traders who wish to redesign their stores or migrate platforms. For example, responsive redesigns for existing Shopify store owners as well as migrations from other eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Bigcommerce and Woocommerce. We know what is required to reshape ecommerce stores to cater for these changing customer access patterns. We are also happy to give ecommerce store owners help with product inventory management, how to respond to customer queries and other aspects of running a thriving Shopify web store.


An investment in a Shopify based eCommerce store is one of the smartest business moves you can make. Our shopify experts have already assisted many different types of businesses to successfully launch and enhance their online sales presence via Shopify. Our shopify development knowledge combines with a unique sensitivity to each customer’s needs and the nature of their markets. The results are very satisfying for clients concerned to strengthen their competitive position.

We are well aware how the reputation of Liquify Web Design London depends on maintaining excellence in developing the most creative web store solutions. For this reason our shopify experts are not content to rely on their existing knowledge but they constantly seek out the latest development techniques and effective online trading strategies. No project is too simple or too complex to take on – meeting your online trading requirements is our prime objective. This is why so many online businesspeople in London and far further afield prefer to work with us.