An Introduction to Magento

A Magento developer will be the first to tell you that it’s the ideal ecommerce platform for you. But what is Magento? Magento is a versatile online shopping platform that offers great leeway for customised ecommerce development. This flexibility is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular. With the aid of a range of themes and “plug ins,” it lets you create the kind of online shopping experience that your customers will surely appreciate. A choice of over 50 payment gateways is one of the most useful of Magento’s array of valuable features. Magento developers have ensured that it is very SEO-friendly and includes advanced web content management tools. It is also easily scaled to match your web store size requirements.

Why get an eCommerce website developed on Magento?

This platform’s scalability and flexibility explain why so many ecommerce store owners turn to a Magento agency for their e-commerce development. Enthusiasm for using Magento is also promoted by the high percentage of enterprise class online retailers who choose to work with it — successful businesspeople usually make sensible choices. The extensive set of customisable features Magento provides means you never hit limits with functionality. With close to half a million members in Magento open-source developer community the platform’s future should be well-secured. But it’s not a platform for everyone and careful consideration needs to be given to your individual needs by an experienced ecommerce developer as to whether it’s the best platform for you. Often it is the best choice when multilingual or multi-currency functionality is required but development on Shopify is often a better investment for many store owners.

Our Magento Development Services

The focus of any successful ecommerce development project must be on configuring the website to exactly fit in with the client’s business plan and market dynamics. When hiring Liquify Web Design London for Magento development You receive a complete package with a totally new web store design or a redesign that will meet your sales targets and beyond.

Our dedicated team of Magento developers assesses each client’s business plan and the nature of their market. They also investigate the most effective strategies for attracting custom followed by competing businesses. The information gathered is combined with knowledge acquired and techniques refined in the course of many other Magento website developments. This creates a solid framework for building a customise web store to effectively reflect all the good points distinguishing you from your rivals. The benefits in higher traffic and conversion rates won’t be slow in coming.

Hire an expert Magento Developer Today

Everyone knows how easily a basic Magento ecommerce store is setup but there is a world of difference between these kinds of websites and those professionally designed and developed by our Magento experts in London. Working with website owners across a broad range of businesses has enabled our agency in London to build up a unique inventory of knowledge and skills. Close following of all the latest Magento developer talk ensures that our information is always up-to-date and ready to be incorporated into ecommerce designs. You believe your product has advantages over competitor products and therefore you website ought to reflect your offering’s superiority. That’s why the assistance of a top Magento developer team should be indispensible.