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Need a Shopify free trial? Looking to test the Shopify platform out for nothing? The awesome Shopify platform can be tried out for free for 2 weeks. No credit card required. Just click the button below and sign up.

Having an online shop can bring you lots of new customers, branching your business into the digital era and allowing for plenty of growth, but how do you pick the right platform? Shopify? Magento? Shopify Plus? Woocommerce? BigCommerce?

Probably the best way to make an informed decision is to try out each platform and see how you get on. Most people find that after their 14 day free trial with Shopify that they are delighted with the platform & continue to upgrade to a paid Shopify plan (view Shopify Pricing).

There are many ecommerce solutions available out there, but why should you have to pay for something that might not suit you and your business? This is one downside of open source platforms like Magento & Woocommerce – you need to have them setup and installed on your own server before even getting a peek at how it works.

Shopify is an excellent platform and what makes it even better is the possibility of getting a Shopify free trial so you can get to know the ins and outs before you commit!

SHOPIFY FREE TRIAL EXTENDED 14 DAYSHow to Get a Free 14 Day Trial with Shopify

If you are researching online eCommerce platforms for your business, you have most definitely stumbled upon Shopify. Shopify was established back in 2006 and has been a disruptive factor in the world of ecommerce ever since, starting new trends and upping the game for all competitors (even seeing the downfall of Amazon’s SAAS solution.)

As an SAAS ecommerce service, Shopify is aimed at small and large businesses alike. No matter whether you are a big enterprise, or have a home based business, you will easily find a Shopify plan that will have exactly those features that you need. Before you pay for a plan of your choosing, however, you can also test it out. Shopify offers a free trial that is available for 14 days before you make a final decision just like most reputable companies and you can get started by subscribing to a Shopify Free Trial using the following link.

How to Get an extended Free Trial with Shopify

Once this free trial is over with Shopify, you don’t need to panic if you haven’t made your decision and many aren’t aware that there is another option. You can easily get an extended Shopify free trial and here’s how it works (it’s super easy.) Once you have subscribed for the usual Shopify free trial, you can ask (nicely!) for another 14 days or alternatively, ask to have your shop put on hold until you’ve made your decision.

The easiest way to do this is by contacting Shopify support and explaining the that you are testing the Shopify Free Trial, but are not sure whether it’s right for you. Do not demand the extended Shopify free trial because they don’t have to give it to you, but if you’re lucky they’ll grant it to you. If your store is put on hold, don’t panic, you won’t lose your store if it’s on hold. Simply choose the right plan and as soon as you pay, you’re back in business (literally.)

If you have hired an official Shopify expert (like us) for the design & development of your store, you will not use the Shopify free trial. Your partner will set up a store for you called a Shopify development store. Some shops take a very long time (months) to get everything ready before the launch event and Shopify offer this only for experts designing and developing stores.

Want a free trial with Shopify?

If you wish to know why millions of shops worldwide are using Shopify for their online stores, sign up for a 14 day Shopify Free Trial here.  This 14 day free trial is suitable for people who are looking to try out the Shopify platform.

If you are more interested in working with an official Shopify Expert to build your store Please contact us or visit the Shopify Experts directory to find a suitable expert.

Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey is a Shopify Expert. With over 8 years of experience in eCommerce & Shopify he leads one of the most experienced Shopify Expert teams in the world. Founder of Liquify, he tends to work with large brands and Shopify Plus merchants who want to scale aggressively. He is a well known Shopify SEO expert & one of the most experienced Shopify developers in the world.