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Shopify chat support comes in 2 forms.  People looking for support from Shopify should go to the Shopify Support page and open a live chat ticket with a Shopify guru.  But not everyone is looking for support from Shopify when they search for this Shopify chat support.

Some people are looking for a chat widget to embed on their own Shopify website. A chat widget is an embeddable platform that helps your customers to contact you in real time. Instead of waiting to receive a response to an email enquiry, visitors benefit from instant feedback. Whether customers want to know about shipping options, follow up on an order, or ask a specific question, Shopify live chat allows them to make an instant connection with you.

Like any live chat feature, Shopify chat requires input from your team, so you’ll need to factor this is in when planning resources.

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How does Shopify Chat Support work?

An embeddable Shopify chat widget support bridges the gap between you and your customers to give them a smooth and hassle-free online shopping experience.

Like other similar widgets, Shopify chat is an embedded window that pops up on-screen, with a welcome message inviting the visitor to your Shopify store to chat live. Potential customers can then initiate a conversation at their choosing, and you’ll be ready to respond on the other side.

You might be wondering what happens if a visitor attempts to start a conversation but nobody is there to reply? Don’t worry; you don’t have to be online all day. You can set up specific times for Shopify chat support to be live on your website, or start ad-hoc sessions based on certain triggers and interactions. Your Shopify developers will help you to do this.

To cover the times when your in-house team isn’t online or available to respond, you might also choose to hire someone with experience in Shopify live chat to develop a bespoke solution with automated chat triggers. Before making a commitment, run a trial to determine whether having the extra coverage is worthwhile, both in terms of number of customer queries answered and cost-effectiveness.

What are the benefits of using Chat Support with a Shopify store?

Enabling chat support gives you an advantage over your competitors. It acknowledges your customers’ need for convenience, and it offers a superior shopping experience. This can edge you ahead of your competitors, particularly in today’s highly competitive, saturated market.

Customers also appreciate the personal touch. Talking to a real human by live chat – rather than receiving an automatic email or rifling unsuccessfully through a FAQ page – not only creates a positive impression in the short term, but it also helps you to nurture a long-term relationship. In turn, this can prompt customers to choose you for future business.

Also, offering a live chat facility on your Shopify store allows you to filter out and redirect complex cases. Taking care of simple queries via chat on Shopify allows your customer service team to focus on the cases that require more of their time and attention.

How do I get started with Shopify Chat Support?

It’s best to place Shopify chat boxes where they are most useful. Think about the points where your customers will potentially need assistance. These commonly include the following pages:

Home page

Your homepage is where potential customers usually begin their journey with you. It’s the ideal location to place a chat support prompt, because visitors are likely to have questions about products, service pages, shipping times, and offers. These will probably be straightforward queries, and your responses can add value to the burgeoning relationship, which has a positive impact on conversions and sales.

Main support/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

If your visitors have arrived at your support or FAQ page, it’s likely they already need help with something and want a question answered. Make it easy and make sense by offering Shopify live chat for all those questions which you haven’t yet answered.

Shipping information page

Customers head to this page to check their options before they buy, or to follow up on an order they’ve already made. Providing prompt assistance via Shopify live chat can nudge visitors to make a purchase, or it can alleviate any potential ill-feeling from a delivery delay.

Shopify developers are the experts in optimising your store. Work with them to set up your Shopify live chat service and customise it to the needs of your visitors. Then, train your team in advance, and provide tip sheets with standard responses to common questions; this keeps your brand message consistent, and prompts your team when they embark on this task for the first time.

Ready to add live chat to your store? Speak to the Shopify experts today!

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