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Do you opt for an unofficial Shopify freelance web designer or go for selected Shopify Experts? Whether you’re starting a new Shopify eCommerce website, overhauling an existing one, or simply making a few tweaks. It can be hard to know which option to turn to.

Although a freelancer can appear to be competitive on price, it’s difficult to verify if they are as qualified and dependable as they claim to be. Let’s take a look at the difference between a freelance web designer and Shopify Experts to make the decision easier. 

What does a Shopify freelance web designer do?

A freelance web designer is responsible for the aesthetic and practical aspects of a website, ensuring an optimal user experience. They primarily work with design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, to create beautifully-rendered pages that are easy to navigate.

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Sometimes, the terms web designer and web developer are combined, and it’s an easy mistake to make! Both roles are involved in the creation of websites, but their responsibilities differ. While a web designer makes the site fit for purpose on the outside, the freelance web developer takes care of everything on the inside.

Shopify Developers do the work behind the scenes, such as coding web pages, programming applications, and setting up databases and services. The web designer and developer have two distinct roles, working in partnership to bring a website to life.  

Shopify freelance web designers vs Shopify experts?

The other option is Shopify Experts. They are highly skilled specialists verified by Shopify for their experience, consistency, and exemplary service to users.

A variety of roles are included within the Shopify expert scheme, including web designers, web developers, project managers, marketing professionals, and photographers. Anyone running a business using Shopify can enlist the help of an expert to enhance their website; some offer a range of services, whilst others are specialised to one role.

Reasons to hire a Shopify expert over a Shopify freelance web designer

There are plenty of reasons to work with Shopify Experts rather than take a chance with a freelance web designer or freelance web developer. Here are five of the most important:

Shopify Experts are vetted and approved by Shopify

When you entrust your eCommerce website to Shopify Experts, you can be confident that it’s in good hands. That’s because the platform carefully analyses each individual application with a fine-toothed comb, to confirm that everyone enrolled in the scheme is trustworthy and qualified to perform the tasks they advertise.

In addition to a consistent customer service track record, Shopify Experts are also required to show commitment to the platform’s community by attending and promoting partner events, encouraging new sign-ups, and acting as ambassadors. As such, they represent the cream of the crop when it comes to Shopify-affiliated specialists.

They have a broader range of skills

It’s not unusual to find Shopify Experts who are multi-talented. For example, you might be looking for a marketing expert and find someone who is also an excellent photographer. Similarly, hybrid Shopify Developers and designers can take care of all the coding and aesthetic impact of your website at once. 

Of course, a Shopify freelance web designer may be multi-talented too, but it’s unlikely they have had the resources and training to be an expert in these areas. Plus they don’t have access to the verified services of others if you want a complete package. 

A better understanding of how to optimise the platform

Given their expansive knowledge, and proven experience, Shopify Experts are best placed to help you get the most from the platform. Working on Shopify daily gives them the experience and an overall view of the best practices for your store to perform and rank well.

They’ll know which templates suit your business, and adapt them precisely to your specification. They’ll also be able to make recommendations on formatting and page organisation, even down to the fonts that will make the most impact on your visitors. In short, they’re great to have in your corner!

On the other hand, a freelance web designer deals just with the aesthetics. So whilst they can help with navigation and making a page flow, they don’t always understand the deeper Shopify-specific knowledge behind your site.

Help you narrow down the right apps

There are a huge number of apps that can be integrated into a Shopify-enabled website. These enhance the user experience for your visitors, help you to collect analytic data to guide marketing efforts, and allow you to seamlessly communicate with your customers, amongst countless other benefits.

With such an array on offer, it can be difficult to pinpoint which apps your website will actually need. This is where Shopify Experts come in. They’ll be able to analyse your business objectives alongside customer experience expectations and suggest apps that will enrich your website. The best part? They’ll also have the expertise to implement them successfully!

It’s unlikely that a freelance web designer would have any of this knowledge. They might recommend based on previous client experience, but even then, it’s not tailored to your needs.

Shopify Experts aren’t just for the big jobs!

A common misconception is that it’s best to hire a Shopify freelance web designer for the small odd tasks. But, a Shopify expert can handle these too. It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply tweaking an element of your store or overhauling it completely; Shopify Experts can help!

Small fixes can be made quickly and at a fair price; don’t feel that you need a big project to justify receiving support. Conversely, if you do have a larger task in mind, they can also oversee the process from start to finish.

 Make it easier for yourself with Shopify experts over a Shopify freelance web designer

Find what you need, and get the peace of mind with the extensively vetted Shopify Experts program. It gives a level of accountability that you don’t get with freelance web developers or designers. Plus, it can all be done through your Shopify admin. Quick and straightforward.

Head over to the Shopify Expert Directory, where you can search by company name, specific location, or choose a keyword. So you can find the best Shopify expert for your project. Oy checkout our Shopify web design Portfolio – and reach out if you like what you see. We are some of the highest rated Shopify developers in the world.

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