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The Shopify name generator is perfect for those who struggle with the creative side of building a business. Choosing a decent Shopify business name is a crucial first step to having a successful eCommerce business. Because, the right name will make it easier to attract your target audience, build a brand and stand out from the crowd.

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So, here are some of the things you should consider before choosing your store name using the Shopify name generator.

Before Using The Shopify Name Generator

With so many competing eCommerce businesses, it can be difficult to find a Shopify domain name that is original, makes sense to your business, and is also creative and memorable. While making a list of possible brand names for your new business, there are several points you want to consider before choosing your Shopify name.

Domain Name Availability

When you set your mind on a certain name, make sure the Shopify domain name is available too. If your Shopify name and domain don’t match, it can be confusing and stop people from being able to easily search for you. Also, chances are, if the domain name you’ve chosen is already taken, your visitors will be directed to a different merchant. What’s worse is that, most probably, it could be your competitor!

Using Acronyms

Longer names are harder to remember unless you use an acronym. Whilst this practice is more common in the charity and non-profit sector, there are some stores that opt for this option. The issue with acronyms is that, most often, they make sense to you as the owner, but the wider audience might not get the connection. To be memorable, it’s best to pick a short name that has a connection with what you do, so use acronyms with care.

Multi-Cultural Meanings

You have probably stumbled upon a name or two that, when translated to another language, means something completely else. To avoid confusion, being considered derogatory, or end up becoming a viral name fail, make sure to run the name you want to use through translation services to see any alternative meanings. You can use Google Translate to have it done for free.

For example, the name Alfa Romeo MiTo, when translated to almost any eastern European language, means Alfa Romeo Bribe, which led to lots of user-generated content that made fun of it with it when it was released.

Just make sure that, at a minimum, your Shopify store name is suitably translated in the regions you’re looking at selling to.

Dealing With Competing Names

If the name you want is already taken, you can work around the issue by adding another verb. For example, if ‘’ is taken, opt for or instead. Just make sure you’re not outright plagiarising, otherwise you could end up getting into legal or copyright trouble.
Even with all these considerations, it can be hard to find a Shopify business name that will really resonate with your business, your brand, and your customers. Luckily, Shopify has come up with a good solution on how to help you choose your brand name.

How To Use The Shopify Name Generator

Using the free Shopify name generator tool, you can find the Shopify domain names that aren’t yet taken. You will find it by:

Visiting the main Shopify page > Resources > Free Tools >  click on the Business name generator link in the main menu.

Using the Shopify name generator is straightforward: To get some inspiration for your domain name, you simply enter the keyword that you want included in your business name and hit the Generate Names button.

Keep in mind that many of these generated names might not make sense. That is because the Shopify store name generator tool is not intended to think independently for you – it is designed to aid your creative process and help you think outside the box.

Using The Shopify Name Generator For Your Specific Industry

When generating names, the first page tends to be more generic. But if you want a specific option, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click on, “Need a different type of business name?” and there, you will be able to choose from eight more options:

  • Clothing store names
  • Fashion store names
  • Jewelry store names
  • Baby store names
  • Craft store names
  • Flower store names
  • Boutique store names
  • Furniture store names

Each of them will give you results that are specific to these particular industries. Hopefully, they inspire you to get a catchy and memorable domain name for your Shopify business. But, if you’re still having no luck with finding the right Shopify domain name, contact one of our Shopify Experts to help you get creative. 

Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey

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