Merchants need to consider Shopify shopping cart integration if you want to offer the best customer experience to site visitors. The web shopping cart feature is the most crucial segment of a well-organised and intuitive website for every eCommerce business. 

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Let’s look at one of the top eCommerce shopping cart solutions from Shopify:

Benefits of Shopify Shopping Cart Integration

eCommerce has come a long way, and a growing number of users are opting to make purchases online. By choosing a Shopping cart integration option with a streamlined experience, you can increase your revenue and audience reach. The highest quality eCommerce shopping cart solutions will help you achieve the following:

Increased Conversion Rates

Customers tend to buy more if they have a shopping cart available. Instead of bookmarking the item they are interested in, they can easily add the items to their cart and instantly have an overview of combined costs, shipping, and availability.

Plus, you can also set up abandoned cart messages to encourage customers to finish a purchase they are unsure about.


Today, having a shopping cart is the norm, so opting for shopping cart integration will increase your store’s credibility, and means customers are more likely to be able to use it!

Multiple Payment Options

In addition to credit card payments, your web shopping cart can offer additional payment gateways like PayPal or cryptocurrency payments.

Integrated Upselling

When your customers add an item to their cart, you can set up cross or upsell opportunities by offering additional items. Upsells are often purchased with the item in your customer’s cart, but not always. Sometimes this can encourage purchasing a similar product of a higher value instead.


Your shopping cart can alert you of the latest trends and purchases as well as data or selling patterns. These can provide you with insightful information to help plan the next steps of your upsell strategies.

Why Shopify Shopping Cart Integration is Your Best Option

Shopify offers the best eCommerce shopping cart solution that encompasses everything your store needs. From a quick setup for you, and a simple checkout for your customers, as well as various language and currency options for international merchants. Plus, Shopify shopping cart integration is PCI compliant and is safe to use for maximum security.

All transactions are made through Shopify’s cart are encrypted with a 128-bit SSL certificate. Thanks to Level 1 PCI compliance, you can accept major credit cards and choose between 100 payment gateways without worrying about security.

How To Set Up Shopify Shopping Cart Integration

The flexible shopping cart integration setup helps you choose your currency, and Shopify will automatically calculate state and country tax rates.

During setup, you can choose between shipping rates based on weight, location, or a fixed price. Whilst merchants with Advanced Shopify Plans get automatic shipping rates from UPS, FedEX, and other big carriers. When customers go to check out, they can create their personal profiles to speed up future purchases. Through the Shopify admin, you can get insightful data on your customer’s behavior, preferences, and trends.

Customising Your Shopify Shopping Cart Integration

You can offer the best eCommerce shopping cart experience to your customers thanks to customisation options that you can add to your cart page:

    • A Continue Shopping Link – It is automatically shown in the cart if it’s empty, but you can choose to show it even when the cart has items in it so that your customers can easily return to browsing your products.
    • Delivery Date Picker
    • Gift-Wrap Options
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Additional Checkout Buttons
    • Order Notes – To collect special instructions from customers.
    • Shipping Calculator – Estimates shipping costs before checkout.

If you need help implementing your Shopify shopping cart integration, visit the Shopify Shopping Cart support Page. Alternatively, you can contact one of our Shopify Experts who can help.

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