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Change Commerce is a donation app that lets your customers choose a charity/nonprofit organisation to donate to with each purchase.

How does the Change Commerce app work?

Change commerce gives your customers the option to select a charity/nonprofit to donate money to when they purchase something in your store. As a Shopify store you can select up to 6 different causes your customers can donate to. Customers can also search from a multitude of organisations if they want to donate to a specific cause or a local organisation. Donations can be made either as a flat rate or a percentage of a purchase.

Change commerce provides a guarantee that all of the money your customers donate will reach the chosen cause – they have teamed up with PayPal Giving Fund so customers can be sure that their donations reach the charities they have chosen. The charities can easily access their funds through PayPal.

Customers can also track donations and share their donation on social media after making a purchase which will increase awareness both of the cause and your brand.

The app offers several solutions to choose from to make the widgets fit nicely in to your Shopify theme.

Once set up you also get access to valuable data and information on the Average Order Value for donations made, conversion rates for donations and more.

When a customer returns an item bought in your shop, the donation is not made. It is also possible to integrate Yotpo Loyalty & rewards to enable customers to take out points as donations or reward a customer for donating.

Who is it for?

This app is for any company that wishes to give back to anything from their local community to worldwide causes. The pricing is reasonable for any sized company.

Overall review

Customers are more likely to feel good about making a purchase in your store if they are empowered to donate to a good cause. This will create customer loyalty with your store and customers are more likely to return. Customers will value greatly that your store has partnered nonprofit organisations and that your store has committed to giving back and benevolence.

Point of sale donations have become quite a common thing and this app provides an opportunity to donate not only when you check out ,but on the product and cart pages too.

The app is very quick and easy to integrate. All you need to do is to customise the style of your widget to fit your store branding and select the causes you want to give the customer the option to chose from.
If you run in to complications – not a problem, the customer service team is really friendly and efficient .


Impact Starter: Pay as you grow
Impact Plus: $3,250/year
Impact Partner: $10,152/year

Try it out

If you are interested in trying out the Change Commerce app, please see here.

Jasmine Silvester

Jasmine Silvester

Jasmine is head of content @ Liquify