The PreProduct app enables Shopify store owners to collect orders for future and upcoming products.

What does PreProduct do?

This app allows you to pre-sell your products before you have the stock, which is an excellent way of finding out in advance how high the demand of your product will be. Once a customer places an order, a shipping date will be specified, so they know when they can expect their order to be despatched.

Before the product is ready to ship, there is a feature in the app that allows you to send out update emails about the product and any possible changes to delivery dates. Once the product is available, the customer will be sent an email with the cart checkout to make the payment. These can simply be triggered from the admin of your store. There is no binding purchase of the pre-order until it reaches this stage of the process.

You can set early bird discount for your pre-order and reward customers for waiting on their desired product. Each customer will also receive a specific URL where they can manage their pre-orders.

The app is compatible with Shopify’s native order and checkout system and is easy to integrate.

The email campaigns that you send out to update your customers on their advance order, can be designed to fit your branding and text and images are easy to customise.

When you enter a product in your store for pre-ordering, the usual “Buy” button will be replaced by a “Pre-order” button and a short text where you can give some important information about delivery date etc. The button can easily be changed to fit the styling of your website.

Who is the PreProduct app for?

This app is particularly useful for businesses who produce their own products. It will give an idea of how many orders you will have for your new product and the popularity of it. It will change the way you deal with inventory and buying of your products and it will allow you to get a market indication of your next big ideal, to see if it’s worth pursuing.

Crowd funding is very popular these days and the PreProduct app also covers this area. This app offers a crowd funded pre-order function where you can specify how many orders will need to be made before you put the product on the market. The customer will then be made aware that the product will only go to production if that specific number of order have been met. This is a great way for a business to get funding for their product and to avoid losses if orders are not made.

In summary, the PreProduct app is a fantastic way to get some real figures from your target customers on the orders and popularity of a future or planned product before it is brought to the market.


PreProduct offer a 14-day trial period and price plans as follows:

Starter: $15/month
Growth: $19/month
Plus: $59/month

Interested in trying PreProduct?

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