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Featuring a Shopify product video on your product pages will increase your conversions. In fact, video is the preferred media format right now, with 82% of all traffic online being video traffic by 2022.

In 95% of cases, people can understand your product or service better after watching a video about it. And as successful conversions require you to showcase your products well, many Shopify merchants are missing out on the opportunity of using Shopify product video to reach customers better.

shopify videoHow a Shopify Product Video Brings You Benefits

A Shopify product video helps your customers understand your products because it delivers the closest thing to the retail experience. It shows how the product looks from all sides, how it moves, how it fits, or how it’s assembled.

Coupled with 3D preview and even AR, customers can control the view—they can spin the product, zoom in and look at the details from all sides, and even check how it would look in their homes.

A Shopify product video helps increase the visibility of your store because search engines like the video format. In fact, videos are now an integral part of search engine results, so having a video gives you an additional ranking factor and an edge over competitors who are not utilising the medium yet, especially if you make use of video snippets.

Visitors engage with video formats more than with images or something that has no multimedia element. A video can convey lots of information quickly, much more than a simple image can, and helps users digest that information easily.

Creating a Shopify Product Video: What’s the Best Strategy?

Video production strategies depend heavily on your brand and what kind of products you offer.

You can’t go wrong with adding entertainment or storytelling elements as part of your strategy. Just make sure to incorporate a product showcase or a specific feature of your product in the video at a time.

You don’t need to have high quality and polished videos immediately, but be sure to focus on a format that will connect best with your audience:

  • Simple showcase – This is the best choice for beginners, where you showcase a product from all sides.
  • Showcase features – For a detailed showcase, you can highlight the features that set you apart from competitors.
  • Added value – offer free tips and tricks that will help your target audience. If you’re offering beauty products, you can educate customers on the best ways to use your products, or tricks on using them easier.
  • Advice and reviews – Advise your customers on which product would be best suited for them through a review type video to highlight why.
  • Instructions and tutorials – Help customers with using or assembling your product.

You can create a product video either inhouse or by hiring an external agency.  To add the video to Shopify – this will depend on your Shopify theme and the version of Shopify you’re using.  For help in custom coding video into your Shopify theme then contact our Shopify development team.

Shopify is also actively encouraging Shopify developers to create apps that help create video and even 3D models to showcase products in your store.

New media formats help you boost conversion by giving customers more than just an image to work with. Video formats are more engaging and deliver a better overall customer experience.

Need Help?

If you need help customising your theme to allow product (or variant) videos to be added then contact our Shopify developers – official experts since 2013!

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Joe Dempsey

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