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Shopify subscriptions should be a long-term goal as part of your marketing strategy. And now that Shopify is planning on allowing Shopify partners to create subscription apps that can be integrated into checkout. It gives you the perfect opportunity to make this an easy reality.

Why? Recurring revenue is the ticket to a profitable store.

How Do New Checkout Apps Bring Shopify Subscriptions?

Thanks to new checkout extensions, now you can make it much easier for your customers to purchase subscription-based products. The new app extensions let you get new subscription payments directly in the checkout flow which makes people more likely to sign up and pay.

Making this process more streamlined, customers won’t have to exit the process in order to subscribe to this particular order. Which means one less distraction from finishing the checkout and securing the sale.   Everything stays on the Shopify checkout.

These Apps Help Nurture Shopify Subscription Customers To Bring More Revenue

If your Shopify marketing efforts revolve around getting new customers, but not so much around keeping them, you might want to rethink your tactics.

If you’ve already secured a sale, why bother with trying to get people to subscribe to your products?

Because it’s easier to cater to existing customers than to get new ones. In the US alone, 40% of eCommerce revenue is coming from returning or repeat customers, who make about 8% of all visitors, according to Adobe’s whitepaper “The ROI from Marketing to Existing Online Customers.”

So even if you have landed that one sale, to get the same ROI that a repeat customer would bring, you’d have to secure four to six more sales! So it’s worth nurturing your Shopify subscription customers.

shopify subscription apps

Benefits of Getting a Shopify Subscription Program

While focusing your Shopify marketing efforts on getting new customers shouldn’t be your only channel of increasing sales, focusing solely on getting customers to buy again isn’t the right tactic either.

You need to find a middle ground – and market to both sides. That might seem impossible with your current budget, but this is exactly where the new subscription on checkout can help.

By enabling returning customers with repeat orders to become Shopify subscription customers and automate their frequent purchases with a subscription, this will make it easier for them to come back to you without having to allocate your whole marketing budget to get them back to your store.

What customers want more than anything nowadays is convenience. The more convenient their shopping experience, the more likely they are to buy from you again. This means the buying process should be hassle-free, easy, and quick.

Their orders will be automated, so they won’t even have to be reminded about them. The order will simply arrive just when they need it.

Don’t Forget To Market To Existing Shopify Customers

By revamping your Shopify marketing and offering discounts on subscription orders, you’ll get more sales from your repeat customers and have a higher Shopify marketing budget for attracting new customers and presenting them with subscription deals.

Then, all you have to do is include these subscribers in your marketing funnel. Send them promotions and information via email, encourage them to connect to you on a personal level and you’ll be fostering loyalty that will yield great rewards.

Implement a subscription program to your Shopify store and grow your sales consistently. Subscription programs will free up your Shopify marketing budget so you can invest in smarter marketing options, and provide what your customers want most – convenience.

Need Help with Shopify Subscriptions?

Need help migrating customers to a new native payment subscription app?  Concerned about what will happen to your existing subscription base?

Talk to our Shopify developers today and we’ll talk you through your options.

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