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Successful Shopify marketing is based on finding the right audience to tell your story to. Storytelling has become a key imperative for marketers. A compelling series of stories will drive engagement more because your brand will form deeper connections with your audience.

Storytelling as the Core of Shopify Marketing

It’s next to impossible to compete on price alone with so many stores offering the same products and services. You need to find a Shopify marketing campaign that attracts customers with something else—something that only you can offer.

You can achieve this with an authentic story and message—you can build an audience that will stick with you.

Storytelling enables you to:

  • Build a business without big investments
  • Maintain a high-profit margin because your customers connect on a deeper level and share your values.
  • Have a community of customers who are loyal and emotionally connected to your brand.

Superfit Hero is a brand that nailed this. Their message of body positivity in fitness circles—boldly stating that fitness is for every body—helped them build a loyal community around their brand. 

Their Facebook group helps people connect through body-positive conversations and presents the core of that community. You don’t have to be a customer to join it. The focus is community building and not profit. Such actions help solidify their brand’s story.

Storytelling connects what people think about your brand with how your brand makes them feel. 

Through storytelling, you can make people feel understood, as part of a community that truly cares about them and understands their struggles.

How to Use Storytelling for Your Shopify Marketing

Your Shopify marketing campaigns will only be successful if they set you apart from the rest. Storytelling helps build those deep connections. To tell a compelling story, you must:

  • Be open about your struggles and failures along the way.
  • Talk about familiar emotions and situations readers might experience in their lives too.
  • Share something readers will want to talk about and share, that makes them go, “Hey, this happened to me as well!”
  • Include your story in all your campaigns and ads so customers know exactly who you are and what you care about.
  • Measure what type of content is performing well with your customers and focus on producing more of it.
  • Speak their language—be up to date on the latest trends and topics that interest them.
  • Show how you make an impact and what causes you are supporting.

Building connections like this doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect to land sales as soon as somebody visits your site. You will need to tweak and adjust your story and storytelling along the way to succeed.

The key takeaway for successful Shopify marketing? Give something and don’t expect anything in return. The 80-20 rule is valid for Shopify as well: 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your customers. Loyal customers, who love how your brand, makes them feel.

Through storytelling, you can build a base of loyal customers who stick with you because they connect with you on a deeper level, and share your values, hopes, and mission.

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Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey is a Shopify Expert. With over 8 years of experience in eCommerce & Shopify he leads one of the most experienced Shopify Expert teams in the world. Founder of Liquify, he tends to work with large brands and Shopify Plus merchants who want to scale aggressively. He is a well known Shopify SEO expert & one of the most experienced Shopify developers in the world.