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Here we’re going to walk you through the top 24 benefits of Shopify Plus – recently chosen by our ecommerce developers as the best ecommerce platform for 2017/2018 and beyond. We wrote this list specifically for people looking for the benefits of Shopify Plus in relation to other enterprise class solutions and other Shopify Plans. You may also be interested in reading our Shopify Plus Review.

The benefits of Shopify Plus are given below in no particular order and some of them will only make sense to developers or people already experienced with Shopify. A certain amount of knowledge about eCommerce is assumed. If you need help deciding on enterprise class ecommerce solutions please contact us.

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24 Benefits of Shopify Plus

    1. 99.99% uptime guarantee – Shopify Plus is a hosted SAAS eCommerce solution and you don’t need to worry about the servers going down. They are blazing fast and can handle traffic spikes all year round. We’ve used Shopify for years, tested it to the max and the results are in: Shopify Plus servers (provided via Fastly) are awesome.
    2. Shopify Plus has a PCI level one compliant checkout – and has integrations available for all major gateways. Meaning you can accept credit and debit card payments without spending lots of money on payment data security. That’s all taken care of from day one.
    3. Shopify Plus offers a fully customisable and brandable checkout experience – developers can add custom css/scss/liquid code to the checkout pages. Shopify Plus is the only Shopify plan which allows you to add this code at the checkout level – other plans allow light customisation only in the checkout pages.
    4. Same domain checkout – with Shopify Plus the customer can stay on your own domain. On other Shopify plans (and some other platforms) then the customer will be redirected to Shopify’s servers for checkout because of PCI compliance. However with Shopify Plus the customer stays on your own domain always and the checkout is still PCI level 1 compliant.
    5. Dedicated Merchant Success Manager – with Shopify Plus you get a dedicated Success Manager who can help you grow your online business and maximise sales. These people help merchants thrive and are always there for advice and support. They can also help you connect with designers, developers and marketing experts that specialise in Shopify.
    6. Shopify Scripts app – merchants using Shopify Plus have access to the Shopify scripts app which allows developers to create and integrate awesome ruby scripts onto your website (a very useful tool for developers).
    7. Multiple stores on subdomains for no extra fee. Shopify Plus allows merchants to have clones of their stores on subdomains for no extra fee. Many merchants require this so they can serve a version of the store in a different currency/language.
    8. Scalability – Shopify is a highly scalable platform and the Plus plan is the top most tier. No matter how much you trade or plan on trading Shopify Plus will scale with you. The servers and the checkout can handle serious amounts of traffic and transactions.
    9. Security – Shopify Plus is a highly secure eCommerce solution with multiple layers of protection to keep your business and customers safe.
    10. 40+ migration tools. Migrating to Shopify Plus is very easy – and Amazon even suggested Shopify as a migration platform after they closed down their own clunky eCommerce arm of the business.
    11. With Shopify Plus you get a free SSL certificate.
    12. Shopify Plus allows you to sell on multi-channel sales. Shopify Plus has integrations with many 3rd party platforms and apps are available to fill the gaps. With a single store on Shopify Plus you can sell on multiple platforms and keep your stock and product data in sync.
    13. Advanced reporting – Shopify Plus allows merchants advanced reporting features in the store – allowing merchants to understand their customer flow, behaviour and sales without having to integrate with 3rd party tools.
    14. Accelerated support – Shopify Plus merchants jump the queue and get support faster than other Shopify merchants. Most other eCommerce solutions don’t even have any support at all.
  • Shopify Plus will save many merchants money when factoring in all costs (such as maintenance fees for other platforms and transaction fees on other Shopify plans).
    With Shopify Plus you get a Launch Manager – who helps you get your store online faster by providing platform training, assisting with third-party integrations, and finding partners to work on design and development projects specifically for your business.
  • With Shopify Plus you get additional API calls that let you integrate with custom apps faster.
  • Shopify Plus offers a Wholesale channel that lets you create a separate, password-protected wholesale store.
  • With Shopify Plus you can use the Bulk Account Inviter app to invite customers to activate their accounts for your online store. This app is really useful after you have imported customer accounts from another platform or from another Shopify store.
  • Shopify has a thriving designer/developer community around it – making a store with Shopify Plus a sounder long term investment for your business. If you need a Shopify expert for design, development or marketing you will not struggle.
  • Shopify has a vast and growing number of app integrations for 3rd party platforms and services. So if you’re looking to integrate your store with a 3rd party platform or service then it shouldn’t be a problem – just take a look in the app store. Even if there is no app available you may find that there is a private app available by the third party for integrating.
  • Shopify Multipass API is exclusively for Shopify Plus merchants and allows you to manage customer logins seamlessly if you have customers with accounts on another platform. An awesome and essential feature for any enterprise class store with multiple content sites.
  • Shopify Gift Card API is also exclusively for Shopify Plus merchants and allows customers to pay with a gift card. Developers can use the API within Shopify Plus stores to display, manage and offer gift cards for the customer.
  • Shopify Discount API is also exclusively for Shopify Plus merchants and allows developers to create, manage and destroy discount codes via the API programmatically.
  • Shopify User API is also exclusive to Shopify Plus merchants and allows developers to programmatically access users of the store and create custom experiences based on this. Very useful for manipulating redirects for specific account users when using a multi-store setup.
  • Not sure if Shopify Plus is right for your business? Drop us a line or start a free trial with Shopify Plus.

    Joe Dempsey

    Joe Dempsey

    Joe Dempsey is a Shopify Expert. With over 8 years of experience in eCommerce & Shopify he leads one of the most experienced Shopify Expert teams in the world. Founder of Liquify, he tends to work with large brands and Shopify Plus merchants who want to scale aggressively. He is a well known Shopify SEO expert & one of the most experienced Shopify developers in the world.