With Shopify Amazon integration (AKA Shopify Amazon Sales Channel) you can sell across both platforms to make sure you can accurately manage products while also reaching a wider audience and more of your target market. Tapping into other platforms via Shopify’s sales channels can expand your reach, ultimately leading to more potential sales and using such powerful platforms also adds more credibility to your business!  Some of our clients sell 80% of their products through Amazon alone.  It’s the biggest marketplace in the world.

shopify and amazon integration

An Overview of Shopify – the Best eCommerce Platform in the World

As an eCommerce solution for all types of businesses, Shopify allows you to sell products online by opening your own store. In the same way as a traditional shop, you can customise the storefront, accept different payment types, organise your products and services, manage or track your orders and much more in this digital setting.

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An Overview of Amazon – the Biggest Marketplace in the World

Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world, where anyone can sell their products and by using eCommerce it has become commonplace in the mainstream. By incorporating payments, data storage, media, logistics and even self-publishing, they are a true titan of the retail world and is the first choice for many online shoppers and merchants. Not selling through Amazon is seen by many as a lost opportunity so those who have Shopify stores can easily leverage the Shopify Amazon option to connect the two.

How to Sell on Amazon and Shopify – Connecting the Two

If you think you have to choose between selling on amazon.com or Shopify, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a Shopify Amazon integration that lets you use both. It’s super easy to set it up and you can immediately tap into both markets!

To start, simply create your Shopify store > add your products > then use the Amazon Sales Channel to link the two.

Through the Shopify amazon sales channel, you can track your products across both platforms and simply create offers for products that are listed in both. If your products are not listed on Amazon yet, create a listing there and link them to your Shopify offer. Thanks to the Shopify Amazon integration, your product listings are available on both Amazon and your Shopify storefront, meaning everything is synced, so you don’t have to worry about handling double inventory, creating back orders or data issues.

Using the Shopify Amazon Sales Channel

Shopify Amazon Sales Channel Screenshot

It’s really easy to use Shopify Amazon at the same time and all you need to do is include the Shopify Amazon sales channel to your store and you’re good to go. If you need to read more details, you can find the official documentation here.

Conditions of Selling on Shopify and Amazon

To use the Shopify amazon sales channel and sell your products across both platforms, you’ll need to fulfill the following 3 conditions:
On Amazon Seller Central, you will need an account labeled “Professional Seller” and you have to make sure that you have enabled the option to sell on Amazon.com.
Ensure the currency you are selling in is USD.

You also need an active Shopify plan. View and compare Shopify pricing plans here.

Without these you may encounter a problem and won’t be able to sell, so make sure you’ve met these criteria!

The Amazon Sales Channel Only Allows me to Sell on Amazon.com. How do I Sell on other Amazon Sites?

Currently, selling on Amazon.com is the only option. If you wish to sell on other Amazon sites, you will require 3rd party tools that will route the data to your store, but if you are interested in connecting Shopify Amazon regionally and broadening your reach– our Shopify developers will gladly assist you with this.

Even though Amazon.com is the only option thus far, Shopify might add regional Shopify Amazon integration too. However, we always suggest that you try selling on Amazon.com before moving onto other marketplaces to get more of a feel for the response, your set up and the logistics of eCommerce platform integrations.

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