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Klevu is a sophisticated self-learning search technology app for Shopfiy stores. It provides a robust and effective search solution to replace the Shopify native search.

What does the Klevu app do?

Klevu search offers the most advanced search engine for Shopify. It features the following sophisticated technologies:

Natural Language Processing (NLP):
This enables computers to be taught to understand nuances of the human language. For example- “most expensive” are two words that when used together mean not just “expensive”, but THE most expensive product.

Natural Language Search: the search engine is programmed to understand a searcher’s intent and more complex, multi-part queries. This means that the search app can understand questions asked in a way you would ask them if you were talking to someone as opposed to keyword based search.

AI Powered Search: the app continuously learns from your users and your content, to power more domain-aware and intelligent search.

Klevu uses NLP and AI powered search really well. It produces fast, effective and accurate search results that enables you to guide your customer to the most relevant products.

Overall review

Klevu can quickly deal with complex products with many variants. It is a great choice for a mid- or high-level enterprise, offering a large number of different products. It comes at a price, but an advanced search app is essential for increased conversions and for an excellent user experience for your customer.

Some features really makes Klevu stand out. For example when you search, relevant synonyms are added in real time which helps your store understand your customers intent, and guides them to products.

There are also some other fantastic features in this app. You can for example display product promotions, trending products, popular searches and personalised search recommendations.

The instant search page is fully customisable and so is the search results page. The app also produces a report which provides you with important data about the performance of your search.

The customer services team responds really fast to queries which is essential when you run a large online store.

Who is it for?

Klevu search targets mid- to enterprise level e-commerce businesses worldwide.


Free: up to 330 records
Growth: $199/month, up to 5000 records and self learning search capabilities
Premium: $499/month, up to 20 000 records and natural language search
Premium+: $799/month up to 50 000 records and advanced natural language search

Free trial

Try out Klevu for 14 days for free here.