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Instant Search+ is a search app to replace Shopify’s native search. It helps the customer navigate to the right content quickly and easily, which leads to an overall improved shopping experience.


The benefits of adding Instant Search+ to your Shopify store

There are many search apps out there, but Instant Search+ stands out with it’s many features to provide a better experience for the user and it’s ability to increase conversion and revenue for any Shopify store. It’s an advanced search app, which provides the following features:

  • smart search
  • filters
  • cross-sell
  • upsell
  • autocomplete
  • did you mean
  • autocorrect
  • synonyms
  • visual search

Instant Search+ is quick and easy to install with thorough instructions and has a very responsive customer service team there for you if you get stuck.

The analytics tool will help you provide an insight to what people search for so you can refine words in your store for people to find your products easily.

Creating a logical navigation bar or menu is not always easy on an on-line store, especially when grouping of products and names for collections are not obvious. A great search tool on your store is essential for a complicated product line where products have many variants etc.

On your Shopify store, customers will easily be able to access the content they are looking for and get help finding alternatives if they don’t. Search results for products and collections quickly display with images as you type your search term. It will very efficiently guide your customers to the products they are interested in as well as well as suggesting new ones i.e. cross-sells and upsells.

What will it cost to add Instant Search+ to your store?

This app is suitable for any sized store and provides pricing options that allow you to upgrade as your store grows.

Pricing: 14-day free trial
Starter plan: $89.99/month for 10 000 searches/month
Essential plan: $449.99/month for 40 000 searches/month
Growth plan: $829.99/month for 100 000 searches/month
Enterprise plan: Custom pricing

For a medium-sized Shopify store you might find that you need the higher priced plans. Many great features such as upsells, cross-sells and product finder are only available in these plans.

The synching times are also worth considering. On the lower priced plan, whenever you make an adjustment to a product it will take a long time to change on your live site unless you go in to the app and change it manually. The Essential plan and (and upwards) will synch in just a few minutes. The price may seem high but this app should increase conversions and site revenue overall.

Free trial

If you are interested in trying out Instant Search+ download the trial version here.

Jasmine Silvester

Jasmine Silvester

Jasmine is head of content @ Liquify