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Growave is an all-in-one marketing app, which combines all the popular Shopify store marketing features in one app. It is a platform for collecting leads and driving sales. Growave also integrates social features to engage customers and to help you gain your customer’s loyalty.

Features of Growave

Growave has a number of features that you can add to your Shopify store in a few simple steps.
It includes Loyalty and Rewards, Reviews, Wishlist, Social login, Q&A and Instagram.   

Loyalty and Rewards programs
Build a relationship with your customers and increase repeat purchases using Loyalty and Rewards programs. Features include points on purchases, referral programs, discount offers and shipping offers.

Inform your customers and influence their choices and purchases. This app has the main features of any reviews app but may not be as sophisticated as the bigger competitors. A nice feature here is the ability for the customer to post a picture of the product.

Wishlist app
Growave’s wishlist feature lets customers add a product to a wishlist anywhere in your store. It will help you send targeted emails to increase sales and decrease the number of cart abandonments.

Creates visually pleasing instagram galleries to shop from and enables you to post shoppable content on instagram.

The number of features in the app may be a little confusing if you are new to e-commerce and not sure what you need, but the Growave App has a great customer care team who can help you out with questions and integrations. We’d recommend disabling the apps and features that you don’t need, to make things simpler.

Who is the Growave app for?

This app works best to boost conversions and sales for small and medium sized Shopify stores. It can be installed with any theme. Styling of the app features, such as colours, can be changed to fit your brand identity. If your theme is heavily customised, you might have to turn to the support team to get some help to style it to fit your website.

Pricing for Growave

The pricing is very reasonable considering it covers so many of the marketing functions a store needs. If you have these features on your store already you will probably be able to replace 5-10 of your current apps with Growave.

Pricing: 14-day free trial
Free plan: For stores with up to 100 orders/month
Starter plan: $29.99/month for stores with up to 500 orders/month
Growth plan: $69.99/month for stores with up to 1500 orders/month
Enterprise plan: $299.99/month for stores with up to 3500 orders/month (30-day free trial)

Overall review

Growave simply combines a lot of marketing features on one platform and in one place – and it does it really well. You’ll save money and time when you replace a bunch of other apps with Growave. Also, a collection of other apps may not always work well together, so you’ll save a lot of time on integrations and keeping track of things in different places. Wishlist emails and loyalty/rewards emails are all in the same place, which gives you a good overview of how often people are being notified about your on-line store.

All Growave’s features have a modern, minimal design and look really good with most store themes. The customer services team at Growave is well-praised, and they help out with both questions and integrations if you get stuck – and this is for a reasonable price. One thing to note is that they are based in Australia so the time difference can be an issue when you want speedy solutions, but they are fast to reply.

Free trial

Try out Growave for 14 days for free here.