I’ve got a problem with the app – what do I do?

Give us a shout from the app support page. One of our developers will be in touch.

My theme doesn’t seem to be working with the app. Am I doing something wrong?

Maybe, it’s possible. But also possible there is a conflict. If you’re a developer – select custom theme from the dropdown and then add your container class. If you’re not a developer – open a ticket.

I’ve got a suggestion for the app – who do I send it to?

Send us an email with any suggestions. If it’s a decent one – we’ll probably implement.

What happens if I uninstall the app?

This app does not modify your theme in any way so you can safely install/delete as required.

What about custom styling?

If you can write code you can add some css to your theme which will change the design slightly. E.g. fonts and colors and borders etc. One of our Shopify developers will be able to help with advanced customisation if required.