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If you are looking for an experienced Shopify Plus ecommerce agency, then look no further. Whether you need development, marketing or a Shopify Plus designer we offer a full service, think of us like an extension of your in house team! We currently support over 50 Shopify Plus merchants, who understand we do it best – we get the job complete, on time, on budget and with clear communication throughout.

Our average client is a retailer who is looking for Shopify Plus web development and has complex, ongoing technical requirements which need technical solutions constantly. They work with us for our Shopify specific experience to complete tasks quickly and to the highest standard. As a laser focused Shopify Plus agency, we pride ourselves on being one of the most recommended Shopify Plus companies worldwide.

Unlike most Shopify Plus development firms, we reply to all emails in one working day and can help when your business has a Shopify emergency. If you become a retainer client we even offer our support and work on your store within minutes. Our Shopify Plus clients love that we have a dedicated phone number to call as well as a separate slack channel. Not only do we understand Shopify Plus web design, but we understand the cost of technical problems on Shopify Plus sites and can rapidly develop and deploy solutions. We ensure that if there’s a problem the right people know about it before your customers do.

What makes Liquify different from other Shopify Plus agencies?

Experience with Shopify Plus web development & high volume stores.

We are a dedicated Shopify Plus development agency, officially recognised by Shopify as experts since 2014. We can do it all under one one team, compared to the 95% of people working in this field who are freelancers with one specialised skill, whether its back end development, design or marketing.

Many brands find quickly that they’ve outgrown other freelancers or Shopify Plus development agencies, so come to us for our high experience with the Shopify platform. Our team have been developing and scaling stores since 2010, even helping some of the earliest Shopify Plus sites. Nine out of ten clients will be coming from a place where the people they currently work with are not up to the job of managing, updating and scaling a multi-million dollar store.
We are.

Communication between clients and agency.

A large majority of Shopify Plus agencies and freelancers have been said to be bad with communication, especially developers who are focused on getting the job done, but at the cost of damaging long term client relationships.

Our Shopify Plus agency clients always give us feedback on how glad they are at our response times and how less stressful their lives are when using us. Our agency has a rule with a maximum 1 day response time – always. Emergencies are handled instantly with 24/7 support for retainer clients including emergency phone numbers.

Data driven, a Shopify Plus agency which proves and tests.

We do a lot of work with ecommerce experiments and data driven decisions to help brands scale, and are unmatched with the technology we work with.

We have found many other Shopify Plus companies build what they think is nice looking, whereas we look at 10 years of data, create alternative experiences and split test to the max to help determine what is most profitable. To be clear, we have a real edge in increasing conversion rates and engagement and this is what makes our Shopify Plus developers some of the most sought after in the world.

FAQs about a Shopify Plus Agency

Why hire a Shopify Plus agency as opposed to a freelancer?

When you are a high volume store freelancers aren’t suitable & won’t have the skills. A full service team offering design, development and marketing is much more effective and efficient than individuals who don’t work together. Many clients also find freelancers aren’t reliable.

Our Shopify Plus agency has people in many time zones, so we can guarantee around the clock work.

What does a Shopify Plus agency do?

A Shopify Plus agency is the go-to team for everything relating to running & scaling a business on Shopify Plus. Most business owners do not need an in-house team full time, as it isn’t cost effective for all the specialised roles that are needed to run an effective online business.

If you’re busy scaling your business, a Shopify Plus development firm will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to design, development, SEO, marketing, ads management, app recommendations and more.

They will also help you make difficult decisions and guide you on best practices, market trends and the changes. Some of these can include how to scale into different markets, how to streamline processes and even how to develop unique and complex solutions around your business.

Most importantly a Shopify Plus agency should be there when you need them. If there’s a problem with your website, having an experienced Shopify Plus development agency on hand is critical. We have tools to monitor sites and the skills to fix problems, often before customers even notice them.

How much does it cost to hire a Shopify Plus agency?

Every Shopify Plus agency has different costs, as well as different ways of pricing. Here at Liquify we can either quote by projects with an hourly estimate, or by retainer where clients can have a fixed number of hours per month on a reduced hourly rate.

The cost depends on the scope of work and our handy Shopify pricing guide can provide a framework for you to see if we fit your budget. Some think we are typically mid to higher end priced in the US and European markets, but we stand by our vast experience and skills in Shopify and Shopify Plus that can help scale your store.

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Need changes to your Shopify site? We can code literally anything into any Shopify theme.

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We can give your store the overhaul it needs.

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Crush the competition in Google with our SEO packages.

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A dedicated & experienced enterprise Shopify team.

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Whatever your development needs we have the skills.

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We've migrated over 50 sites including a listed company to Shopify.

Shopify Audits & Consultancy

For those who need advice & strategy.

Custom Shopify App Development

We develop custom apps for both private and commercial use.

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Your growth is only limited by your marketing.

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Custom designed Shopify themes are what we do best.

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Logo & branding for Shopify stores.

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