What is PPC advertising?

Like it or not the online world overflows with abbreviations. You don’t need to memorise them all but some of them are quite important to understand for online success. Our experience as a London agency demonstrates conclusively that PPC (Pay per Click) is an abbreviation every online trader should know. Even if you don’t know what these letters represent you have certainly seen PPC in action. You must have noticed the advertisements that appear next to Google search results? These adverts offer products that searchers with that keyword are likely to be interested in buying. They also don’t appear by chance – sellers for these products pay for their adverts to appear.

In certain respects PPC is the online equivalent of putting up a billboard at a busy street corner, but the targeting is more precise and the potential number of viewers multiplies many times over. While sales results from SEO campaigns can take a while to filter through, PPC digital marketing yields instant results. Only true PPC professionals have the skills to determine when and where adverts need to appear to deliver maximum ROI – this is where our London PPC agency comes into the picture. Through intensive market research, keyword research and constant reviews of our own performance we have learned what it takes to maximise your PPC customer pull and boost conversion rates.

What is Google Adwords?

When you consider Google’s popularity as a search engine it should come as no surprise that the Google Adwords platform is a PPC marketer’s favourite. Businesses need to bid for the keywords their customers are likely to enter in searches. When the keyword is used they can get their advert displayed next to the search results. A click on the advert earns Google a fee and the advertiser hopefully gets a new client. The choice of keywords and bid levels are highly significant. Google uses an algorithm to control which adverts display. A number of criteria are entered into the equation, for example, the more relevant your keyword and landing page to the search results, the more likely Google is going to display your advert and the lower cost you’ll pay per click!

Our London agency has put a great deal of effort into developing and managing successful Google Adwords PPC promotions. Working out the best keyword to bid for and determining the optimum bid level are important issues, but there are many other issues that have to be dealt with carefully and thoughtfully. Creating new website content or rewriting content is another good example of what is required to put a website amongst the Google Adwords winners. We have all the technical and marketing knowledge to ensure you get a high ROI from Google Adwords marketing.

Do I need PPC (Pay per click) services from an agency or can I do it in-house?

PPC maybe an easy idea to grasp but it is definitely no piece of cake to implement. Unfortunately, the need for expert campaign management is not always recognised. Many businesses have lost valuable time and money through botched-up PPC campaigns. This hard commercial fact brings home how essential it is to use the kind of skilled and economical PPC management service that we can provide.

Perhaps you could even run your own PPC campaign but without skilled assistance you won’t get the results. Working in partnership with our agency you benefit from accumulated PPC knowledge and lessons learned in a large number of historical PPC promotions. Before the first web surfer clicks on your advertisement a tremendous amount of groundwork is needed to make this the first of many clicks. We make it our business to understand your distinctive business approach and what your competitors are doing. This provides the vital data for structuring well-targeted advertisements that will lead to many more clicks and sales.

Keyword selection is one of the major challenges. On the surface it seems as though this should be obvious. If you sell garden gnomes is the choice of possible keyword really so wide? Experienced London PPC agency PPC campaign managers understand that the target is not to get the largest number of people clicking on your adverts. We aim to get a great conversion rate where a good percentage of site visitors make purchases. This can only be achieved with a keyword that attracts those visitors interested in buying, and this keyword choice needs to be done by PPC specialists.

Finding those golden keywords is half the battle but there is much more besides. Another important issue that needs resolving is optimising the website pages for PPC. Potential customers must land on the page most closely related to their search query. They also need to have transparent navigation from landing to product ordering and be presented with a clear product ordering procedure. Only a PPC service embracing market research, strategy planning, implementation and management will be up to the task. This is exactly what London PPC agency delivers.

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